Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I am very sorry! It's been a while!


I have missed talking to you. I have a lot going on. I have exams this week. Clubs have started up and I need to chose a pretty darn good one. Boys here are nice. Some are even good looking. Go figure.

Money here is tight for me. I went and got tons and tons of ramen noodles. That will be my new diet. 8 for .99 cents. What? That's great!!!!!! Plus I had a birthday recently, so money from that is great as well! Thanks you guys!

Also, I found out a few days ago, while I was in American Samoa.....

A guy and a girl that worked with me at Wild Wings in Columbia were on the roof of a building in downtown Columbia and fell off the roof to their deaths. They were found naked by a cab driver at 5 in the morning. Their clothes were on the roof leading the police to believe they were...well, you know....
I didn't now the girl very well, and she wasn't very nice to me because I was a new girl, but that really stinks. Pretty horrible for the families.

Sorry that was random, but I just found out, so it's on my mind right now.

See you around!!!

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