Monday, January 21, 2008

My Big Fat Greek Experience

Well, this first part is for the Murphy's in Am. Sam.
We have wild dogs here. They do follow you. but they are not viscous. The exact opposite really. If they ever see you when you're walking they will follow you forever. In fact, our first night we had 7 dogs sitting outside the Artemis Hotel. I happen to like them. Except for the fact they probably are caring every disease and flea or tick a dog can, they are cute and they protect us. If only Speedbump were here. What a dog. I like Nike and Titus too.

Well, we have done a lot in the past few days. We went to the Temple of Poseidon and watched the sunset. It was majestic!! Really cool how this thing is still standing! I have pictures put up on facebook. Let me know if you can't see them there.

Yesterday we went to Athens for the day. It was flippin busy. And I went into a bakery with a friend and some woman pushed us out of the way (at different times). I was trying to get out of the way but it was small in there. I don't understand why they like hard bread. I love soft bread. Not a fan.
Then we walked around and saw a Greek Orthodox church which was beautiful inside. I snuck some pictures. And I lit a prayer candle, it felt right. I think i was supposed to pay. I didn't realize it until later. I'll pay next sunday.
As we walked around the streets I saw a painting I wanted to have so I bought it. Go me.
There was this sandal maker everyone was talking about and so we checked him out also. His father made shoes for John Lennon, Barbara Streishand, Jackie O., and Susan Luchie (whoever she was). Sparky will probably kill me for not know her name, since she's a old movies fanatic. Sorry kid.
We went to church at 6pm because the other launguages were during the rest of the day. We had a Bulgarian who did not speak English lead us in songs. I laughed sometimes. For the prayer, one of our guys said it in English, Tony said it in Persian, _____ said it in Egyptian, and _____ said it in Bulgarian, and then finally I forgot his name said it in Greek. And that was our prayer. It was neat listening to the languages. The preacher half the time went off telling stories but it was a good sermon. Good experience.

My roommate and I were chosen randomly to be roomies and we found out we were born on the same day and both of our favorite movie is Ever After. Lucky for us. When we can't sleep at night we watch it on my computer until we fall asleep. So now, the movie's permanent spot is my disc drive. I love it! Tonight will make it night number 3.

OH! I almost forgot to tell you that there is a jewelry store here whose owners help out Harding students with whatever they need. They are very nice people. I wanted to look at their stuff so I did. At one point, a ring got stuck on my finger and Chris the owner told his wife Valerie to get out the windex and spray it on my finger. I thought it was so funny, so did Amy. It reminded us of the crazy father in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. She was laughing and I almost did. I kept my cool. Word.

Talk to you later!


Friday, January 18, 2008

First few days

Well, jet lag stinks. In Am Sam I could at least sleep in until whenever. But here We all have to get up and have class. Super. Just super. Some of us went to the World War II bunkers yesterday and took pictures. Beautiful place. I have pictures!

At the water there was a man fishing for squid. When he caught one, he would slap it against the rock to tenderize it or something. But I saw him throw it back in. So, not sure where his head was at. Crazy Greeks.

My friend John and I really wanted to go to a cafe by the water. So we did but, forgot we don't have euros yet and we ordered a coke. (it was the only word we recognized on the menu) They let us have it but we're going back today to give them the rest of the money. It was VERY embarrassing. He was like "just take it, no problem" and then we tried telling him we'd come back and all he'd say is "don't understand" and shke his head. No very smart of us. So dumb. The food our chef makes is amazing!!! It has been great every meal. The food here is by far better than american food. it's so genuinely delicious. Instead of american food processed and fake. Blah...

Well, it's noon:17 here and we jsut got done with classes. Lunch is at 1:30 and I can't wait!


Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Hey Everyone!!!

I have finally made it to Greece. It is 8 pm here and I am so tired I could pass out at any moment. Jet lag no doubt.

It started out great. I really haven't been over excited about this trip and I am sure it is because I knew what it took to get here. Long rides on airplanes drag me down. The first ride was great. Lacey got stuck with some lady who talked a lot and kept her busy....but in the lady's defense, she was a nice lady. Lacey ended up falling asleep with her mouth open on that trip. Which proves she is super cool, as we all have already known. I'm glad she didn't drool. Maybe the nice lady would have helped her clean it up. As for me, I got both seats to myself. Heck yeah! I tried to read, couldn't. I tried to sleep, couldn't. Well, not very well at least. So we get off in Detroit and Lacey and I have 7 hours until everyone else from our group shows up. Lacey is feeling nauseated right about now so after walking around and seeing the most amazing underground tunnel ever!!!, we got something to eat. We chose a place called National Coney Island something and I had a very over priced hotdog with chili, cheese, bacon and mustard on it. Get it while I can, right? We find the others and but not before we rode the air tram,........terrible idea, I even got nauseated, stay away from it!

Getting on the next flight, I get go my seat and I have a stinkin remote that controls the tv on the back of the seat in front of me!! Not only can I choose my music channel and whatever movie I want to watch but, if I want to play a game I turn the remote sideways and it's a game remote control with a joystick and's cool! I like this flight except for the fact that the girl next to me was russian and talking to her was embarrassing for both of should have seen it, it was sad both of us trying to and then getting frustrated with ourselves. We watched our movies in peace. I saw someone watching The Office!!! I couldn't find it though, so I was sad.... Also, someone around me kept passing gas and I was stuck by the window.

Amsterdam airport was huge and kinda cool. The charged me 8 dollars for a starbucks grande rate....not worth it. But still great coffee, white chocolate mocha iced. Got on our plane to Athens and sat in the middle of two men. Who I was thinking didn't speak English. I knew I wasn't going to be comfortable this flight. I tried to sleep and got woken up by the stewardess to get organic food. Woo hoo! Most of it was good, to be honest. Then the man to the left of me asked where I was from. I found out at the end of our trip his name was, well, for's A J ....that's what we'll call him. He was Dutch and spoke English well. We talked about God, traveling, careers, God's plan, his girlfriend of 4 years ( and I suggested marriage...that was another story), books we like to read, he tried to teach me Dutch...which you could imagine went realllly well!! Haha.

At Athens we put our luggage down in our rooms and went on a walk to the beach. Beautiful! (pictures to follow, sometime) When we came back we had a few minutes and then we had a genuine Greek meal prepared for us. It was delicious!!! I loved it! Real Greek olives Dad!! Alot better than Piggly Wiggly's, let me tell you!

Also, on the flight one of the movies to choose from was Brother Bear and I thought of Shannon. Love you Pita!!
The movie The Brave One made me think of someone else.....Love you too!!

I am exhausted!! So tired and it's only 9 here!

Love you,