Sunday, April 20, 2008

alright, alright

Before the free travel started we had a cruise down the Mediterranean. Now usually the HUG overseas group tours include Santorini and Crete, but that boat was being renovated and our boat we took was not going there. Oh well. Still WONDERFUL!!! We did go to Mykenos, Patmos, Rhodes, and Ephesus. It was really great. I almost got pecked to death by a huge pelican on Mykenos. When in Ephesus, I kept thinking how much Hank would have enjoyed this. So, I picked up a rock and will call it a paperweight. I hope he likes his new paperweight (rock). Maybe I should wash it for him first.

Berlin and Brussels:
These are my first two stops in Europe. Brussels was pretty and cool. I liked it there. They spoke French and I love French. Berlin, they only speak German here. Crazy kids. But, I have seen the remaining Berlin Wall, Reichstag, Charlie's Checkpoint, the famous TV Tower, and tons of other stuff. It's great here. Huge town, lots to see.
Venice was going to be our next stop, but we decided to go straight to Paris. Eh, who can blame us.

Home is where the heart is.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

After Israel

It's been about two weeks now and I am finally writing about it. I loved Israel. I thought it was great. We were in Jerusalem at the Waling Wall for Easter. Amazing!! We went to Masada and we went to the Dead Sea. When we swam in it, well you can't swim in it. You float. It's too dangerous to actually swim. If the water gets in your eyes it burns like nothing else in the world. Some people were trying to go under water but it wouldn't let them. If you don't know, the Dead Sea contains about 33% salt. Our ocean water has about 6% salt. It has about 30 sum minerals in it and would be toxic if you drank it. (and really really salty, I touched my finger to my tongue) I loved this. It's also supposed to be really good for your skin.
We also saw Petra. Which is where Indiana Jones and the lost crusade was filmed. I thought that was neat!