Friday, January 18, 2008

First few days

Well, jet lag stinks. In Am Sam I could at least sleep in until whenever. But here We all have to get up and have class. Super. Just super. Some of us went to the World War II bunkers yesterday and took pictures. Beautiful place. I have pictures!

At the water there was a man fishing for squid. When he caught one, he would slap it against the rock to tenderize it or something. But I saw him throw it back in. So, not sure where his head was at. Crazy Greeks.

My friend John and I really wanted to go to a cafe by the water. So we did but, forgot we don't have euros yet and we ordered a coke. (it was the only word we recognized on the menu) They let us have it but we're going back today to give them the rest of the money. It was VERY embarrassing. He was like "just take it, no problem" and then we tried telling him we'd come back and all he'd say is "don't understand" and shke his head. No very smart of us. So dumb. The food our chef makes is amazing!!! It has been great every meal. The food here is by far better than american food. it's so genuinely delicious. Instead of american food processed and fake. Blah...

Well, it's noon:17 here and we jsut got done with classes. Lunch is at 1:30 and I can't wait!


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