Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I saw the PYRAMIDS!!!

We went to Egypt this past week for about ten days. It was an eye opener, that's for sure.

We started in Cairo and went to the Pyramids at Giza and saw the Sphinx. Then we saw the Step Pyramid in Dzoser. We went on a three day cruise down the Nile river. Which was great. I laid out for 4 and a half hours and got burnt. However, now I am tanned. So, who's laughing now?

We rode on night trains two different nights and that was alright but definately not a comfortable arrangement. I didn't mind it as much as the others, plus they fed us dinner and breakfast.

We rode a camel to a Nubian villiage and got henna tattoos and they surprised us with baby alligators. Not so bad. At least they didn't bite us when they put them on our heads! What a relief right?

We went to so many temples that they sort of all seem the same to me. But amazing! The detail of the carvings in the wall and the original color from the Egyptian Pharaoh's, it was awe inspiring. And in one place the Early Christians plastered over a scene of the Gods and Pharaoh's and painted the Lord's Supper painting. This was my favorite by far. I just thought it was so funny they did that!

I went to the Luxor temple where Moses was most likely schooled. It was emotional for most of us. We went to Valley of the Kings. Which is where most of the Kings of Egypt were buried after they stopped thinking Pharaohs as Gods. If you were a God you were buried in a pyramid, but as time went on they quit that way of thought.

The Egyptians are ridiculous when it comes to selling things. In America if we want something we will go and get it. In Egypt they will pester you and give things to you as a "gift" only you have to pay for it. They trick you and deceive. It's like they are scoundrels. It's crazy. They made my roommate cry. This is when I stepped in and got ticked. I left her with other people and I shouldn't have. She can't stand up to people. I don't mind saying no. When I came back to her she was red in the face and I could see she was about to lose it. I got her and kept her on the outside towards the water and i was on the side of the crazy market men. All I said for five minutes was no. It was a nice outlet for me. Ha! They were way too persistent. I didn't appreciate them much.

Egypt was an interesting land. It was sad because it was a 3rd world country. But, to see the desert and the green land next to each other was a beautiful contrast. The Nile was very polluted and there was a lot of trash around. Alexandria was beautiful though! I am glad i had the opportunity to go there.

Sorry it took me so long to sit down and write. Talk more later!

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mary anne and grandad said...

How exciting!!!! I hope you are making pictures and keeping a journal of your experiences....it will be a wonderful way to make a scrapbook of this amazing experience.
We love you and pray for your health and safety.
Love to you
Mary Anne, Grandad and Ms Mary