Wednesday, June 6, 2007


We decided to go to the other sided of the island for a change of beaches. Jaime and Philip had not been there and of course neither had I. We invited other people and ended up having about 30 people on the beach of the villiage of Sailele. We usually ask for permission to swim in some places. This place was a great beach. Very beautiful. The villiagers were very nice and got us coconuts and shucked them and cut them open for us. It had good milk and good meat. The villiage chief said if he knew we were coming he would have made an umu for us. Which is a bed of hot rocks that you cook food on. Kind of cool. K see ya later.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Whit, That's pretty cool. Hope you're having a great time. Beautiful pictures. May God bless all that you do. love, Katie