Friday, June 29, 2007

VBS is coming soon

This coming week is VBS. So right now I am planning for it. I am also still reading Harry Potter. I am on the fifth book now. As VBS is drawing nearer I am getting a little more stressed. I pray it goes well. Pray for me as well. How is everyone doing? Comment me and let me know, please.


Mary Anne and Grandad said...

Hi Whitney,
Grandad just returned safely from his yearly trip(2 weeks) to Missouri and I think he has asked about you every day since he got back. We finally checked back in on your blog. We pray for you and your mission there but we do look forward to your return. When do you plan to return to SC? Love and Kisses
Grandad and Mary Anne and Ms Mary

matt. said...

Hey, love reading your blog, my mom comes from AS and she says its a beatuifull place.