Monday, June 4, 2007

This one is for Ben

Things that will make you proud and disappointed in me.
For all of you who don't know, growing up my brother taught me everything. (well him and his friends)
Ben wouldn't let me inside until I learned how to shoot the basketball off the back board.
I learned how to cook because when the two story tree fort was being made I was the only one around to make food for them.
I learned not to get near Ben when he has a bb bun in his possession.
When I started driving Ben sat me in the car and gave me a speech on if I get pulled over I am to start crying. He then made me cry to demonstrate my skills. It didn't work then but it did when I first got pulled over.
Ben loves fixing cars. Or at least he did before it became his profession. Now it's more of work then play. Well Ben would teach me some things about cars also. How to change the oil and put in anti-freeze and other stuff.
Here on the island roads are pretty rough. Cars get beat up pretty bad. The Nissan truck that Phillip and Jaime have has a problem with it's battery connection. It was that Jaime had to bang it with a hard plastic waterbottle or a good ahrd shoe of baby Julia.
Well, Paul and Philip would occasionally put aluminum foil on there. And then Paul poput a metal something on there but it still messed up. I tried to do something and tightened the bolt on connector thing. And what do you know, Ben, it worked. You would be proud.
However, I dropped the socket wrench and was a little scared to tell Philip until the next day. So with the roads as bad as they are here I didn't fix it for long. Philip found the tool and has fixed it also. So yay for us all. He did a good job.
Sorry Ben. I hope all is well with you and Jessica over there.
Thanks for everything you have done for me. I love you.

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