Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Things here that remind me of things or people back home

1- Every time I see the one Sperry I still have. It now has mold and such growth inside of it as well as a spider web on it from being outside. Gotta love the Tropics. Reminds me of Kristin, who bought them for my birthday.

2- The girl that lives next door (Colleen) has the same Hawaiian bedspread Shannon has. I thought I would never see that bed spread anywhere else. I'm glad to be wrong. I have not gone in her room for a month and when I finally do go in there I found that wonderful bedspread.

3- The 25 mph speed limit sign. It reminds me of Charles and Brian who always got onto me for speeding. Well, if they could only see me now....

4- Everytime I see a twenty dollar bill. It makes me wonder when Allen Close is going to send me mine. I won't give up on you Pastor, Sir.

5- The golf course in the back yard. Makes me think of Granddaddy Harold. I have a video I will upload sometime of what the golf course here looks like. And it's only $3 to play. $12 if you want to ride the golf cart. Which I would like to.

6- Mr. Ashley's mustache. Reminds me of Dad. They also both have crazy hair.

7- Everytime I see the crummy trucks here. I think of Ben, who I know could fix them all.

8- The crummy health care system here. Reminds me of Katie. She would have her work cut out for her here, but would love it!

9- Clouds. Mom loves clouds.

10- Someone was talking about mint leaves. That reminds me of Grandmother who grows them.

11- The fact that May 30 is Stacey Mason's 25th Birthday. Happy Birthday again Stay May.

12- I'll add more later...


Beau said...

Hey Whitney!

Wow... had no idea you were in the AmSom tropics. I was setting up Kristin's email on her new laptop, Susan got her for graduation, and saw your blog.

I know she misses you big time! And I'm sure you miss that "Whit Whit!" from Susan... Where'd that come from? LOL

Anyways, keep up the good work over there in "paradise" and stay safe!!



TC in SC said...

The number one thing that makes us think of Whitney... the fact that Katie Castleman cannot remember Katie Kitchen's name and calls her Whitney's sister whenever we see her!

Mary Anne and Grandad said...

We talked to your Dad today and he told us how to find your Blog. It is great to hear that you are enjoying this journey of your life and all of the fun experiences that go along with it. Stay safe and take good care of yourself. We will check in often to see what news you have posted.
Love to you
Grandad, Mary Anne and Mary