Monday, May 28, 2007


Everytime I drive I feel like I am going to fast at some point. Usually I look down and I am. I realize I am going about 35 mph. Silly me. The speed limit is 25. Although, I've only seen one speed limit sign on the whole island. I think there are two stop signs. Plenty of intersections though. People just don't care I guess.
Here is another sign on the island. It's a good thing I took a picture of it. They have taken it down now. This sign made me laugh a lot. There are plenty of these on the island. I hope you can read it.


Anonymous said...


I've just gotten a chance to read all of your blog entries and check out your pictures. It's beautiful over there and your pictures are great! I've enjoyed reading about your experiences so far. It sounds like you are doing well and having a good time. I pray for you often and know God is with you. I've just had a nice Memorial Day weekend. My friends from Richmond came to see me and we had such a nice time. There were nine of us in my house! Take care and keep letting us know about your experiences!


Sandi Chamberlain said...

Great sign! I'm glad you got the picture too. Wonder if it has gotten anyone's attention and kept them out of trouble?!?

Sorry I have been so long about contacting you. I think of you often and have the pictures from the airport.

I love all your messages and I love knowing that you are enjoying your time there. Sounds like you might not be ready to come home when the time comes. Looks like island life fits you well!

We miss you! It's quiet without you around.

Gabrielle is growing and we are enjoying her so much! In case you don't have it and want to keep up with her, their blogspot is:

My e-mail is

Write at ya later! Take care and give my love to the family there.