Thursday, May 10, 2007

Be IN the World but not OF the World

How do you go against the world. How do you say no to those who are caught up in the world. It is so tempting. So easy to fall into it. Your best of friends will be in the world and of the world. Saying no to them takes courage. If you say no to them what happens? You risk the loss of a friend. Or maybe not. You have a chance to use this time as an example. The way you act can and will help others. Help others to see how wonderful God is. You don't need drinking, drugs, sexual immorality to have fun. You can have tons of fun without them. It's hard to stand up to your friends but sometimes it needs to be done. Do God's will and you will be blessed. Make each day a daily sacrife for Him.

I just have this on my mind. I hope you think about it and take it in.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Babe,

I love you and it meant so much that you called today. We are so proud of you and that you are doing God's work. Granny said she was real proud of you too. We all love you and love talking to you. I know you will be an awesome teacher of vacation bible school.

Dad got you car started and moved near the fence, where you usually park. It may need a little work.
I am still painting the confounded deck. I have on coat of primer on now it is time for the Acrylic paint. I hope to have it finished next week.

Love hearing from you my dear. It made my day.

Love you,