Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I hate the dogs!

It doesn't make any sense! (most) American dogs are friendly. People raise them to be nice and to be their friends. Holy cow is it different over here. They are brought up mean. ALL OF THEM. It drives me crazy they bark and bite and on top of that they are every where! They roam the streets, golf course, anywhere you go you see at least twenty dogs on the way to get there. My instinct is to go up to them and pet them, but I learned pretty quick that you can NOT do that. It really makes me angry because I love dogs. I grew up raising dogs. I wish there was one friendly dog on the island that would let me play with it. Don't make fun of that statement, when there are as many dogs as there are here, you get the urge to play with them at least once. The dogs here are more for protection and guarding. It's really too bad. Anywho, until next time...


Anonymous said...

Hey honey,

How are you? I am painting the rails of the deck. Not a fun job, but it will look great when it gets finished. Dad is hanging in there. I will let you know if he needs anything surgical. Pray for Popa Al. He needs his defibulator checked. We are waiting on a doctor's appt at Emory. Pray that comes soon.
Love you Babe

Miss Maygin said...

a lot of the dogs are just beaten up on. example would be the dogs belonging to my extended family members. my cousins constantly kick them, and as puppies they are thrown around. when they grow up they form gangs (much like humans do) and go around killing my cats.

the dogs aren't raised to protect or guard. they just bite at people they hate or don't know. they don't bite at their masters because they know of the pain that could be inflicted upon them.

i'm sorry to be telling you the cynical truth of it all, but that was as blunt as i could get.