Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Journal

Friday, 27th :
Finally got Harry Potter and watched it with some friends. It's now 9:30 pm and I don't feel so well. I go to Western Samoa at 8 am in the morning. I take my temperature three times and it keeps saying 99.7. What? How can I get sick the night before I go on vacation??! I'm still going. No fever will stop me.

Saturday, 28th :
Early in the morning, I don't feel so well, still. I'm still going. I get to Western Samoa, and I have to wait two hours until Jaime and Philip come in from New Zealand and meet me here. I get hit on by the guy that exchanged my money for me. That was annoying when you have a fever and are sick. So, I go upstairs in the airport and sit at a table and wait. I manage to put my head on the table and be alone for 45 minutes, until a man comes and sits down, saying "You're a pretty girl. I love you". I get up and leave him. Creepy. Then we drive two hours to the other side of the island and finally get to the beach fales when Philip realizes he got the wrong luggage bag. So we head back and stay at a hotel in town. All the while I am sick as a dog. All I want to do is lay down.

Sunday, 29th :
Philip and Jaime go to church and I stay in bed. Overdosing on medicine without realizing it, I feel a little better. Philip and Jaime lose their plane tickets. Jaime and I go back to the fales to check there. Nope. Not there. Come back to hotel and sleep.

Monday, 30th :
I take medicine and we go to sliding rock. The stairs were aweful getting back up and Jaime and I are both sore now because of it. We ate lunch with A friend's mom and headed to the market to get souveniers. We get on the plane to come home and I am still sick. I couldn't sleep last night though, for some reason.

Tuesday, 31st :
I'm still sick and felt like I should tell what my trip to Western Samoa was like.


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