Thursday, August 16, 2007


I love this place. It most definately my second home. I love my family and my wonderful friends. It's the best feeling in the world to be around them again, even though it's only for a short while. I've been working at my old college and I get to drive around the campus police golf cart around. For me, that alone is worth it. haha. Little things make me happy in life. Well, while I'm working I have to carry around this radio that weighs about 10-15 pounds. It is stinkin' heavy. Sure enough I dropped the thing on my toe and it turned black in about three seconds. It's hard for me to walk on it. Not the best feeling in the world. And then the next day I was helping my old boss do some filing in some boxes on the floor sitting indian style with that foot on top and, Bless his heart, Mr. Aylor, the guidance counselor for the college, comes to say hey and grabs my toe and shakes it. I started to tear up. I am going to go eat with some old friends. Sorry this one's so short. My toe hurts. Bye!

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